Research projects



Research project 1:

Discourse and identity: the linguistic repertoire of  Italians in Brazil


Starting year: 2013


Description: This project aims to study the linguistic repertoire of Italians who live in Brazil and their descendants in order to identify the ways in which ethos, identities and relationships between speakers are developed. This study, which is carried out from a discursive, intercultural, pragmatic and sociolinguistic perspective, is based on the analysis of materials recorded in different contexts and written materials in Italian (letters, newspapers and journals, among others).


Professors: Giliola Maggio (coordinator); Elisabetta Santoro; Olga Alejandra Mordente; Roberta Ferroni.


Research project 2:

Italian and Brazilian Portuguese in contact: lexical and morphosyntactic phenomena


Starting year: 2014


Description: The project aims to study lexical and morphosyntactic variations that arise from the contact between Italian and Portuguese. These studies are based on oral and written corpora analysis and are carried out from different theoretical and methodological approaches, considering the interaction between language and culture and drawing from the Translation studies.


Professors: Angela Maria Tenorio Zucchi (coordinator); Giliola Maggio; Paola Giustina Baccin.


Research project 3:

Language in use: the Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics perspectives


Starting year: 2015


Description: In this project, investigations are carried out in the fields of cross-cultural and interlinguistic/intercultural Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics, both comparing Italian and Brazilian Portuguese and Italians’ and Brazilians’ perceptions towards Speech Acts performed in Italian. The project aims to observe and analyze interactions among speakers and intercultural aspects.


Professors: Elisabetta Santoro (coordinator); Olga Alejandra Mordente; Roberta Ferroni.