Research projects


Research project 1:

Literature in dialogue with other arts

Starting year: 2015

Description: Literature, a polysemic and polyphonic art, is in constant dialogue with other arts. The aim of this project is to outline this dialogue between Italian literature and other art forms, such as plastic arts or performing arts and their aesthetical propositions; the cinema, whose connections to literary production have been intensified since the end of the 20th Century; or the comic book art and its strong dialogue with cinema and literature.


Professors: Fabiano Dalla Bona (coordinator); Roberta Barni; Adriana Iozzi.



Research project 2:


Reception of Italian literature translated in Brazil


Starting year: 2015



Description: The aim of this project is to study the history of the dissemination of Italian literature translated in Brazil, pointing out texts, authors, their historical context and related narratives, besides analyzing the environment in which they emerged and the way they were received. Through the collection of translated titles, this project is intended to build a profile of the active publishing houses of Italian literature in Brazil and to analyze their presence and importance. It is also expected that this research will encompass a study of publishing houses of Brazilian literature translated in Italy.


Professors: Lucia Wataghin (coordinator); Doris Natia Cavallari; Patrícia Peterle.


Research project 3:


Classics of Italian Literature: critical tradition, intercultural dialogues and Brazilian reception


Starting year: 2015



Description: The purpose of this project is to study Italian classic literature and its reception in Brazil through the collection of translations, critical readings of the literary works and intertextual influences in Brazilian literature.



Professors: Doris Natia Cavallari (coordinator); Lucia Wataghin; Luiz Antonio Lindo; Maria Cecilia Casini; Fabiano Dalla Bona.


Research project 4:


Collection and historical linguistic-literary analysis of Italian texts in Brazilian Archives


Starting year: 2015



Description: The aim of this project is to carry out a collection of texts written in Italian, or written by Italian authors, which are in different bibliographic archives in Brazil. The purpose of this project is to identify and map the presence of Italian documentary material in Brazilian territory and to index it so that it can be accessible as a source for historical, philological-linguistic and literary analysis. The object of the study are texts of different types, such as handbooks, reports, essays, travelogues, articles, journals and letters, among others.



Professors: Maria Cecilia Casini (coordinator); Adriana Iozzi.


Research project 5:


Literature and Criticism: Literary developments


Starting year: 2015



Description: This project focuses on the study of literary production in Italy and its critical reception, with particular emphasis on the 20th and 21st Centuries, a period when the dialogue between literary creation and criticism was fundamental. In addition to studying literary works, this research also aims to present to the Brazilian public studies found in collections, specialized magazines, letters and original documents, which are little-known in Brazil but are valuable to understand the development of Italian literature and culture, especially in the last century.


Professors: Adriana Iozzi (coordinator); Doris Natia Cavallari; Roberta Barni; Fabiano Dalla Bona.


Research project 6:

The dialogue between Brazil and Italy through literary translation


Starting year: 2016



Description: This project covers the commented and annotated Brazilian translation of Italian literature still unpublished in Brazil and the study and critical analysis of literary texts which have already been translated from Italian to Portuguese and vice-versa. Special attention is given to modern and contemporary Italian and/or Brazilian authors, particularly the ones who write novels, short narratives and plays.

Professors: Roberta Barni (coordinator); Patrícia Peterle.


Research project 7:


Poetry matters and poetic archives in Italian Literature


Starting year: 2018



Description: This project aims to reflect on the movements and operations of modern and contemporary Italian poetry. How does it relate to the so-called tradition? Which are the traces that survive in it? Which language does it speak or in which language does it speak? The project is intended to investigate not only the decisive importance of the modes of poetry and literature in the constitution of thought and writing, but also its articulation with other artistic forms and literatures, especially the Brazilian one.


Professors: Patrícia Peterle Figueiredo Santurbano (coordinator); Lucia Wataghin.