Pesquisa e Crítica

Pesquisa e crítica, a series of books to be published by the Postgraduate Programme of Estudos Lingüísticos e Literários em Inglês of the Departament of Modern Letters at the University of São Paulo(USP) seeks to encourage positive responses to different fields of research. Each volume in the series will introduce new voices on significant developments in vartious relevant áreas and will present ain informative bibliography as a guide for further study. The first book celebrates twenty five years of Irish studies at USP. Throughout these years, Irish writers and distinguished scholasrs in various disciplines from Universities in Ireland and other countires have lectured at USP. Contributors to this volume include the outstanding writers John Banville, Paul Durcan, Michael Longley, and Billy Roche together with leading critics and scholars in the area of Irish studies such as Terence Brown, R. H. Buchanan, John Cronin, Dawn Duncan, Nicholas Grene, David Harkness, Maurice Harmon, Declan Kiberd, Heinz Kosok, Edna Longley, Maureen Murphy, Ann Saddlemyer, Maria Tymoczko; Brazilian translator Haroldo de Campos and Donaldo Schüler, and reviewers Gavin Adams, Marie Arndt, Beatriz Kopschitz Xavier Bastos, Richard Allan Cave, Peter James Harris, Solange Riberio de Oliveira e Hedwig Schwall.

Edição nº1