ABEI Journal n.1


Introduction [pdf]

Brian Maguire and the Casa da Cultura Project at Vila Prudente, São Paulo [pdf]
          James Concagh

The Critic and the Author
The Feminization of Famine: Enlarging the Inquiry [pdf]
          Maureen Murphy

The Feminization of Famine by Margareth Kelleher [pdf]
          Margareth Kelleher's response to Maureen Murphy's article.

A Note on Paula Meehan [pdf]
          Maurice Harmon
'Unroofed Scope'? Heaney in the Nineties [pdf]
          Rui Carvalho Homem
James Simmons: a poet like no other [pdf]
          John P. Kirby

The Fiction of Roddy Doyle [pdf]
          Rüdiger Imhof
Embalming Life or Celebrating Action? [pdf]
          Laura P. Zuntini de Izarra
Bakhtin and Modern Irish Satire [pdf]
          José Lanters
Wilde's Thread in the Fabric of Decadent Art [pdf]
          Munira H. Mutran

From the Streets of Dublin to the Streets of London, New York, Manchester,
Liverpool... Dion Boucicault's construction of melodramas [pdf]
          Rosane Beyer
At the Threshold of the New Drama with Bernard Shaw and Granville Barker [pdf]
          Gloria Sydenstricker

Denis Johnston's Jonathan Swift [pdf]
          Joseph Ronsley

Book Reviews
Robert Tracy: The Unppeasable Host [pdf]
          Marie Arndt

Brian Fallon. An Age of Innocence: Irish Culture 1930-1960 [pdf]
          Marie Arndt

Irishche Dramatiker der Gegenwart, hrsg. Von Jochen Achilles und Rüdiger Imhof [pdf]
          Werner Huber

Jennifer Johnston's Works [pdf]
          Rüdiger Imhof

News from Brazil [pdf]