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07 Introduction

09 Interviewing Roxana Silbert and Tessa Walker from Paines Plough
Munira H. Mutran

19 Interviewing Ciaran Carson
María Graciela Eliggi and María Graciela Adamoli

27 From Playboys to Disco Pigs: Irish Identities on a World Stage
Linda Gunn

39 Elizabeth Kuti’s Treehouses: Toward a new definition of Irish Theatre
Charlotte J. Headrick

47 Rewriting the “caoineadh”: Dermot Bolger’s The Lament for Arthur Cleary
Giovanna Tallone

63 The Aleph and the Labyrinth
Carlos Gamerro

73 Translating James Joyce’s Dubliners: Confronting Literalness and Revision
José Roberto O’Shea

77 Irish Women’s Migrant Writing: George Egerton’s The Wheel of God (1898)
Tina O’Toole

89 Childhoods in Irish writing
Noriko Ito

Culture and History
99 Irish Society and Culture in the Twenty-First Century
Fintan O’Toole

111 Representing Ireland in the Periodical Press During 1848
Malcolm Ballin

127 Matrophobia or Matrocompliance?: Motherhood as ‘Experience and Institution’ in the Poetry of Eavan Boland and Paula Meehan
Pilar Villar Argáiz

147 Perceptions of Contemporary Ireland in the Poetry of Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
Luci Collin Lavalle

165 Irish Neutrality: Louis MacNeice’s Poetic Politics at the Outset of “The Emergency”
Matthew Schultz

The Irish in South America
183 Unframing the Black. Diaries of Roger Casement
Angus Mitchell

Voices from Brazil
205 Notes on Four Texts by Ana Cristina Cesar
Viviana Bosi

217 Irish Cinema: The Last Decade
Lance Pettitt

221 Ondřej Pilnýs Irony and Identity in Modern Irish Drama
Mária Kurdi

225 Chris Arthur’s Words of the Grey Wind
Luci Collin Lavalle

229 Manuela Palacios and Laura Logo’s Writing Bonds: Irish and Galician Contemporary
Women Poets
and Manuela Palacios González and Helena González Fernández’s
Palabras extremas: Escritoras gallegas e irlandesas de hoy
Gisele Giandoni Wolkoff

233 Ciaran Carson’s The Pen Friend
Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação

237 Books Received

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