ABEI Journal n.2


Editors' Introduction [pdf]

The Lizard [pdf]
Michael Longley 
Late Summer Lake Nojiri [pdf]
Maurice Harmon 

At the Hawk's Well – a dialogue between Japan and the West through the dances of a hawk woman [pdf]
Christine Greiner

The Critic and the Author
Reading Contemporary Irish Literature [pdf]
Nicholas Grene
Irish Writers and Reputation [pdf]
Christina Hunt Mahony's response to Nicholas Grene

The Colloquy of the Old Men: An Introduction [pdf]
Maurice Harmon
“The Penetration and Illumination of Life's Experience” in James Joyce's Ulysses and Gerard Manley Hopkin's Poetry [pdf]
Donald E. Morse

Banville's Fiction Comes of Age as It Lays to Rest Old Ghosts [pdf]
Dawn Duncan

The Playwright's Response to the Colonial Process: Innovatory Dramatic Structure in Brian Friel's The Freedom of The City (1973) and David Rudkin's The Saxon Shore (1986) [pdf]
Peter James Harris
Elgar and Shaw [pdf]
Stanley Weintraub

Travel Literature and History
The Voyage of St. Brendan: Celtic Otherworld Tale, Christian Apologia or Medieval Travelog [pdf]
James Doan
Prince of Ulster or Arch-Traitor? The self fashioning of Hugh O'Neill [pdf]
Eoin O'Néill and Irene Portela

Autobiography and Biography
Newman by Himself; New Man, by O'Faolain [pdf]
Munira Hamud Mutran

Presenting and Translating Michael Hartnett/Mícheál Ó hAirtnéide (1941-1999) [pdf]
Heleno Godoy
Finnegans Wake – O mamafesto [pdf]
Donaldo Schüller

The Irish in South America
Living Memory [pdf]
Patrick Clarke
Language and Literature of the Irish in Argentina [pdf]
Juan José Delaney

Book Reviews
Irish Contemporary Novels [pdf]
Rüdiger Imhoff
Rural Ireland [pdf]
Leonardo Mendes
Beckett and 20th Century Criticism [pdf]
Maria Sílvia Betti
Selected Plays of M. J. Molloy [pdf]
Beatriz Kopschitz Xavier Bastos

Voices from Brazil
Surviving on Paper: Recent Indigenous Writing in Brazil [pdf]
Lynn Mário Menezes de Souza

News from Brazil [pdf]
Books received

Oscar Wilde & Sean O'Faolain [pdf]

Contributors [pdf]